10/14/11 at 10:33 am

Craig Sahrmann Marketing Manager, MD Consult

iPad + MD Consult = Quick Answers

Did you know that 30% of physicians own an iPad and another 28% plan to purchase an iPad this year?  Physician adoption of the iPad is strong according to Manhattan Research.

We recently sat down with a group of physicians and asked them to show us how they use their iPads and MD Consult with First Consult to quickly find clinical answers.  View a video of their responses here.



10/10/11 at 4:30 pm

MD Consult Blog Admin

Tips on Marketing Your Medical Library

The MD Consult marketing team provides medical librarians with tools, such as videos, PowerPoint presentations and email templates, to support their MD Consult training and awareness program.  The tools are made available within the Discoverability Toolkit on the MD Consult information site.  We would like to introduce the newest video addition to our Discoverability Toolkit: a 3-part video series designed to help you increase awareness of your online library resources, including MD Consult.

Created around helpful tips submitted by medical librarians, these videos are a contribution we hope you find beneficial.

Module 1: Bring the Library to Them










10/04/11 at 9:36 am

Craig Sahrmann Marketing Manager, MD Consult

Top 5 Searches in MD Consult in September

As the calendar flips from September to October it is time to look back at the top searches in MD Consult during the previous month to see what is trending in the medical topics that clinicians are researching.

September’s top 5 searches reflect the top searches in August.  Like in August, diabetes was the most searched term – with a wide margin between it and the 2nd most searched term of asthma.  In fact, the top 4 searches were the same from August to September.

The new entry into the top 5 was ‘nelson’ – demonstrating the popularity of the book Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.

The 19th edition of the world’s most trusted pediatric resource was published in late July and is available on MD Consult.







09/26/11 at 2:34 pm

Heather Cullen Editorial Director, MD Consult

Content Changes on MD Consult

The end of 2011 marks the end of a long standing licensing agreement between LWW and MD Consult. It is unfortunate, but allow me to give some perspective on the situation. Both sides negotiated in good faith; however, it became apparent that we had different business goals. We could not reach an agreement that would not have resulted in a substantial price hike for our MD Consult customers. We talked to some of our customers and the preference we heard was that we drop the journals and avoid a large price increase for MD Consult. While neither scenario was optimal, we chose to avoid increasing the price of MD Consult substantially. READ MORE >>


09/15/11 at 9:35 am

Lisa Grimm Web Editor, MD Consult

Greetings, AAFP Conference-goers

The American Association of Family Physicians Congress of Delegates is taking place this week in Orlando, FL. The AAFP will be offering streaming video of the business sessions so that physicians who are unable to attend can keep up with what is happening from the comfort of their own homes and offices, but if you’re attending, we’d love to meet you in person. The society’s journals, American Family Physician, Family Practice Management and Annals of Family Medicine, are all available on MD Consult, and ‘live’ feedback is always welcomed. READ MORE >>

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