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Pathology Resources on MD Consult

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Elsevier no longer provides access to Path Consult.   For access to high quality images from Elsevier, we encourage you to consider a subscription to MD Consult.

MD Consult provides instant electronic access to 50 leading medical reference text books, including two leading pathology books:

Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease

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McPherson & Pincus:
Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods

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In addition to these two leading pathology books, MD Consult provides access to:

Clinics in Laboratory Medicine

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MD Consult subscriptions include:

  • 50 leading medical reference text books
    • including Kumar and McPherson & Pincus
  • Full-text articles from over  80 medical journals and Clinics
    • including Clinics in Laboratory Medicine
  • First Consult point-of-care content
    • including the First Consult iPhone/iPad app
  • Clinically relevant drug information
  • Over 13,000 patient handouts in Spanish and English

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