MARC 21 Records

MD Consult now provides free official MARC 21 records for all of the books, journals, and Clinics in our Standard Subscription, as well as for all available MD Consult eBooks.

Usage Reports

MD Consult provides usage reports to our institutional administrators so they know how their end-users are utilizing the resources available to them.


Institutions have the opportunity to display their sponsorship of MD Consult to their end users whenever they access the product.

Open URL Linking

MD Consult institutional accounts with Link Resolvers have the option to link to journal articles or journal article search results

Linking to MD Consult

MD Consult institutional users can customize access to MD Consult content with direct links for the institution's existing internal website.


MD Consult offers email alerts to let you know when a journal or Clinics has a new issue, a preferred topic is in a new journal article, or a First Consult medical topic has been updated. Learn more about Alerts at FAQ/Alerts

Customizing Patient Handouts

Patient Education Handouts on MD Consult can be easily customized to include physician contact information, as well as special instructions for patients.

Customizing the News Feed

Users can customize the News page to see the latest news about a particular specialty area, so you can be sure that you are getting the news that is most relevant to you.

There are several easy ways to keep current with new features and content on MD Consult:

Content Updates

Go to the Content Updates page regularly to learn about the changes to MD Consult's content—including new journals, new editions of books, and new eBook Collections.


Get Content Updates via e-mail delivered right to your inbox. 
Click here and enter your email to subscribe.


Automatically receive content updates when there is a change to the content covered on MD Consult. Subscribe to the RSS feed for Content Updates to get updates automatically delivered to your RSS reader, or sign up to have Content Updates delivered via e-mail directly to your inbox. This is the easiest way to be sure you are notified immediately of all changes.

Master List of Content

This Excel file is provided for institutional customers as a guide to the content available on MD Consult. The file includes separate tabs for Standard Subscription Books, eBooks, Journals/Clinics, and more. Durable URLs for books and journals are available on this file.

We put significant effort into ensuring that the information in this file is current and accurate. However, if you have questions about the information contained in the file, please contact us at:

To access the Master Content List, click on the link below:

Suggestions for how to use MD Consult direct links:

  • Highlight specific content for a specialty service. For example, if there is a section on your internal website that is devoted to the Anesthesia department; add a link to Miller’s Anesthesia on MD Consult.
  • Add a link to the most frequently used books and journals.

MD Consult Discoverability Toolkit

The communication tools below are designed to help you drive awareness and usage of your library holdings. All elements are part of an ongoing series that will be updated periodically, so be sure to check back regularly as new items become available.

Training Videos

From real world scenarios to complete step-by-step tutorials, your users will learn how to get the most out of your MD Consult subscription.

Training Presentations

Download PowerPoint slides to train your users on the value of MD Consult.

Email Templates

Create custom messaging that addresses topics specific to your institution.

PC Tools

Web Banners

Place these on your institution’s intranet to increase MD Consult awareness and support your training efforts.

Shortcut Icon

Shortcut Icon

Give users the ability to access MD Consult from their desktops without opening their browsers.

Browser Tools

Screen Saver

Keep MD Consult top of mind on your workstation computer screens.

Search Widget

Screen Widget

Upload the Search Widget to your institution’s intranet for quick access to MD Consult.

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Interactive Tools

  • RSS

CET Blog

Keep updated on the latest news with our blog.

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Clinical Scenario Videos

Quick Video Tips

Watch videos on how to get the most out of your MD Consult subscription.

  • Search Results

    Find what you need faster with recommended search results. View Video

  • Drug Information

    Get the latest drug news and safety notices from Gold Standard and the FDA.View Video

  • Breadth and Depth

    Get the most comprehensive information available in one convenient resource. View Video

  • Images

    Compare over 50,000 high quality photos, tables and graphs.View Video

  • Books

    Quickly and easily reference multiple leading medical textbooks at one time.View Video

  • Journals

    Get the most current peer-reviewed content from over 80 journals and Clinics.View Video

  • News

    Customize the news feed to get the information that matters most to you.View Video

  • First Consult

    Access evidence-based information for the point of care.View Video

Helpful Tools